Über House

Design and CPHC : Tom Bassett Dilley Architect, Ltd.

Uber Haus will showcase how energy efficiency and indoor air quality do not have to be mutually exclusive, and can harmonize in a high quality home built to the highest level of building science. This home will be built with a high regard to building science, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability while maintaining a high level of design and aesthetic appeal. The goal of this project is to build the first Certified Passive House (PHIUS) that is also certified by an indoor air quality lab to be non-toxic, as well as a home built with materials and methods to make it last centuries, and become a piece of history itself.

The design aesthetic chosen for this project was driven by local materials and influenced by the historic stone buildings of downtown Geneva, IL. The home was designed to work for multiple uses: a model home, a living lab, and a customized for specialized use by the family who will occupy it.