Built for Life.

An evolution in home building is here.

At Evolutionary Home Builders, we believe that every home – like every person – has a life of it’s own. Our homes provide a healthy lifestyle to those who inhabit their walls by using sustainable building materials designed to last and to give back to our environment.

Green Building.

Building for today and tomorrow.

Evolutionary Home Builders strives to create homes that are built to last in a long-lasting world. Our ethical approach to construction goes beyond sturdy materials to materials with a conscience.

Understanding Passive.

Sustainable building practices that make a difference to everyone.

Evolutionary Home Builders is a leader in Passive House construction. We have earned a reputation in Passive House building in the US and we invite you to learn more about Passive House construction and our process.

Healthy Living.

Health Starts At Home.

Evolutionary Home Builders is committed to providing the healthiest homes for our clients and families. We use a multi-tiered approach with specification of the right materials, third party post construction testing, and occupancy monitoring that sets us far ahead on the air quality spectrum. Indoor air quality is just the beginning of our healthy home approach.

High Design.

Beauty Matters.

For a home to be truly sustainable, it must be designed to a higher level. Homes that are designed at a high level of detail remain architecturally pleasing, and help create a timeless home both architecturally and physically.

Building Science.

The Laws of Science Dictate Quality.

Homes are the most complex possessions people purchase. Understanding the physics, chemistry, and biology of them is critical to building one that is quality and will stand the test of time

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the healthiest, most energy efficient, and environmentally friendly homes in the world. Our homes are constructed to the highest quality standards and utilize the best building science principles to ensure durability and comfort. We strive to provide each client with a friendly, stress-free building experience. – Brandon Weiss

Green Building

At Evolutionary Home Builders we believe every green building should enhance the health and happiness of its occupants and have a positive impact on the environment. We go beyond certifying that our homes meet green building standards and aspire to build living, breathing buildings that are ideal ecosystems for our client to live and work. Our priorities, in order of importance, are building science, air and health, energy efficiency, and sustainability. We believe each priority builds on the one before it and that implementing all of them results in super healthy, extremely low-energy homes that are built to last. To us, this is evolutionary sustainability.

building science

Building Science

Our homes are extremely durable and comfortable because scientific knowledge and experience about the physical phenomena affecting buildings and architecture informs every aspect of our building practice.

air & health

Air & Health

Our focus on human health and wellness guides all our design and material choices. We always conduct independent third-party indoor air quality testing to verify that only the healthiest materials were used.


Energy Efficiency

Our thoughtful approach to design, energy modeling, and craftsmanship allows us to build exceptionally high-performing homes that use very little energy.



Our approach to sustainability goes beyond attempting to do less harm. We strive to build socially responsible homes that have a positive impact on the environment.

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