About Evolutionary Home Builders

Our homes cannot be defined by style, price, size, or location. They are defined by their healthiness, durability, low cost of operation, and superior comfort. The company was founded in 2005 with the name Weiss Building and Development. In 2014 , we rebranded, adopting our current name to incorporate the vision of what we offer into our name. All past clients of Evolutionary Home Builders are still covered by our exceptional warranty.

In its over 8 years of operation, we have provided the Chicagoland area with the highest quality homes and remodels with our passionate pursuit of perfection. Our experience, expertise, awards, and certifications are not only the highest in Illinois, but we are a nationally recognized company for our quality, efficiency, design, and healthiness of the projects we build.

Brandon Weiss started the company as a third generation builder and developer after playing professional basketball in Europe. While in Europe, Brandon quickly realized construction practice there was decades ahead of the United States in terms of durability, quality and energy efficiency. In founding the company, Brandon sought to couple a European level quality and sustainability with his own interest in creating the healthiest buildings possible.

Brandon Weiss has placed the utmost importance of building a company that will be sustainable from a construction as well as business perspective. We offer the longest warranties in the area, and will be there to ensure your home is always backed.

In order to best serve our clients, we have placed continuing education among our core principles. Brandon has earned some of the highest certifications available in the construction industry. He is a Graduate Master Builder, PHIUS Certified Builder, LEED AP, Master Certified Green Professional, BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst & Envelope Professional, Certified Graduate Remodeler, and Certified Aging In Place Specialist. No other builder in Chicagoland has this number of high-level certifications. Every employee of Evolutionary Home Builders completes at least 100 hours of continuing education per year focused on high performance, high quality construction.

We feel continuing education and credentialing is particularly important in Illinois, where there are no educational or testing requirements to enter the industry. Our clients fell comfortable knowing we have the highest level of knowledge available in the industry, and are licensed in the State of Florida (Unlimited General Contractor License) and Wisconsin (Residential Home Building License).

We have attended in International Builders Show every year to further our education and find out about the newest products available. We also attend several other conferences each year to stay current on the latest knowledge in the field. In the past we attended the North American Passive House Conference, the Build Science Corp.’s Invitation Only Summer Camp, GreenBuild’s International Builders Show, the Better Buildings Better Business conference, EEBA Houses That Work conference, and the Living Future unConference.

We have been invited to participate as presenters by the US Green Building Council, and have given presentations at the North American Passive House Conference, the Better Buildings Better Business conference, Half Moon Seminars, and several local municipalities green festivals.

Another annual trip the company takes is an international architectural and inspirational tour. On this trip, historical buildings, international architecture, and world heritage sites are explored for their ideas in building and architecture. This is done to bring ideas from around the world into our style of building. It is the way we know to stay ahead of the newest trends, and offer something unique that most other homebuilders simply cannot.

We make a lot of great claims about our homes, but all of it is backed up with third party testing: quality, durability, energy efficiency, and health. This is not just through a rating system or codes, but actual performance testing.

Who Else can Say That Honestly?

Brandon Weiss

Founding Member

We are always interested in meeting talented, creative, educated people passionate about what we do.   We hire people not positions.  If you are great, we can fit you into our culture