Mohawk Cellar

The clients main goal of this cellar to was to provide a modern feel with natural products and finishes. They also wanted something that would blend into their new home and add an architectural statement. Energy efficiency was also important. Other things that were important to them was capacity, having storage for different sized of bottles, having a liquor cabinet, and a grappa display.

In order to access the wine cellar, you must place your index finger in the fingerprint scanner. This allows the homeowners to set access to whomever they want, and keep out everyone else. It also stores who accessed the cellar and when they did as part of inventory control. Once you walk in the full glass air tight door, you step onto the Carrera marble that is a prevalent feature throughout the home. The natural finished walnut racking makes a statement, as it is the only stained wood in the home, and gives the cellar that natural feel so important in a wine cellar. Your eyes are immediately drawn the walnut tree slab peninsula with natural tree edge that serves as the tasting area in the cellar.

It has an integrated stool storage compartment under it, more bottle storage, and a drawer for wine openers, coasters and other non-displayable accessories. The wall opposite the door has a grappa niche that starts at the countertop height and is recessed in the wall. There is a LED down lighting that highlights the bottles stored here, and will really pop when the clients collect various colors of grappa bottles they plan to. At the top of the wall is another LED accent light that down lights the mosaic stone work behind the steel bottle racking.

This down lighting produces a dramatic feeling by highlighting the various depths the stone was installed, and emphasizes the texture and depth to the stone.