Chicagoland First Certified Passive House

Design and CPHC: Tom Bassett Dilley Architect, Ltd. Photography: Eric Hausman
The home is as named, it was the first Certified Passive House in Chicagoland and the 28th in the count r y. It was built for clients that wanted a very durable, long lasting home that would keep their family safe, while also wanting to keep operating costs at a minimum. This home protects them with the insulated concrete steel reinforced shell, and protects them from rising utility cost by being built to the worlds strictest energy efficiency certification. This home also had a focus to provide the family with a healthy environment. Special attention was paid to specifying n on toxic materials as well as controlling each product that came into the home to accurately screen it prior to installation, and third party indoor air quality confirmed the health of the home. Precautions for EMF’s we r e also taken into account with specific wiring protocol. This home was our first Passive House, and we were proud to beat the Passive House standard for air lea k age by 33% by achieving a .38 ACH@50.