Home Plans

Evolutionary Home Builders is one of the country’s top custom home builders in terms of certified quality, building science, occupant health, and energy efficiency.   We do realize that not every client may have the time to go through the design and build process, and may just want something that is more ready to go.  We want to be sure those people are still able to find a home built to the highest level of quality, building science, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability.  Because of that we have created different niche homes for those looking for a home that doesn’t otherwise exist.

We offer our multiple lines.  These lines help us to execute what we call an expedited design process. We give you a few choices for each finish, and you are able to customize as you like with guidance and avoid the possibility becoming overwhelmed by selections.  We realize some people want to pick everything, and other want few choices with guidance on design.  We are there to provide both types of packages with either geared towards providing our clients with an fun easy going process.

Transcend Series: 

This series elevates what people can expect from a off the shelf plan. This series marries high design with affordability, efficiency, and indoor air quality.  These homes are offered by the multiple award winning team of Evolutionary Home Builders and Tom Basset Dilley Architect, Ltd. (all renderings here are Courtesy of Tom Bassett Dilley Architect, Ltd.)

Elevation Series:

This series offers plan by a variety of architects Evolutionary Home Builders has teamed up with to provide ready to be built plans built to a high level of energy efficiency, health, sustainability, and building science.