Built for Life

Home Building

Evolutionary Home Builders is a luxury custom home builder who knows that customers have their own dreams for their future home. That is why at Evolutionary Home Builders, we work hand in hand with the customer to help them realize their custom built dream home.  Whether you have pictures of ideas you like and need to work with our architect, or blueprints already drawn, we are a home builder that will work with you to ensure your custom home turns out the way you had envisioned while keeping it within your budget.  We will work with you throughout the process with personalized service, which is a staple of Evolutionary Home Builders.

When you see the cabinets, fixtures, moldings, doors, windows, and counters, you begin to understand the care, detail, and attention Evolutionary Home Builders pours into each and every facet of every project. It’s because we realize we’re not just building another house; we’re building your dream.

Throughout the entire process you participate, providing input and direction to our talented team of home builders and craftsmen, making the construction process convenient, exciting, and personal.

In the constant search for quality, durability, functionality, and sustainability, we have been a pioneer in the “green building movement.” It is our belief that “green” not only means a more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and healthy home, but more importantly the factors that create the green building paradigm as a whole lead to a more durable, longer lasting, less maintenance, and overall higher quality home.

Green building heavily utilizes the strategy of upfront planning, which is much less expensive than delays during construction.  This element ensures that construction goes smoother with less delays. A home also requires many calculations to be sure it works as a system, and not individual parts.  The upfront planning makes sure that all the calculations of a home correctly correlate to the other parts.

We also offer our clients the unique ability to log onto our website for specific information on their home. Our clients have the ability to do this both before and after construction.  Before construction, you are able to see the progress from a few different standpoints. Pictures will be uploaded weekly as the home progresses so you can see you can track your new homes progress remotely, which is especially useful for our out of state customers. You can also log in to post selections, or review the changes you have requested along the way to track the updated budget for your home. After construction, homeowners can ask questions through their log-in or submit a work order for warranty issues.

The customer login page was designed to service the customer as best as possible, and keep within reach the information regarding their custom home they may need at a moment’s notice.

Everything we do at Evolutionary Home Builders first starts with keeping the customer happy. There are so many decisions already involved with moving, so you need a home builder who you can trust and depend on to keep you involved.