When we open up past homes for tours, the question we hear time and time again is — why doesn’t everyone build this way? Building homes to our level of efficiency pays for itself from the first month of occupancy. The health of our homes make people feel better. The maintenance and replacement costs because of poor construction is eliminated. Our longer warranty ensures you will not have moisture issues — and these are just some of the homeowner benefits. There are also environmental and social benefits.

Green building uses a whole house approach to build homes that are more environmentally sustainable. Building science has a key role because it provides an understanding of the “whole house” that goes beyond seeing a home as just a summation of its individual parts. It is the interaction of all the parts of a home; its systems and equipment, its occupants, and structure that defines a “whole house.”

Save Money. Building a green home to our level is immediately advantageous to your monthly bottom line. Our homes are cash flow positive for our clients from the very first month of operation. This is due to utility costs that are reduced by at least 65% over a code built home. Beyond this there are lower maintenance cost, water utility cost, mortgage rates, and have some tax credit advantages.

  1. Health is the most important things to us and our families. We build homes that are highly modeled to ensure all risk of moisture in all physical forms are exponentially decreased. We also use non-toxic materials that ensure healthier indoor air quality, and our balanced / distributed fresh air ventilation system provides clean fresh air where you need it and removes stale air. This is done while transferring over 85% of the energy.

More Comfort. With the elimination of drafts and thermal bridges, our homes have more consistent temperatures throughout, and the surfaces in the home will be more of a consistent temperature. This means you will be amazingly comfortable in our homes.

  1. We use the highest level and research in building science to be sure our homes have durability management plans, and pay attention to the physics behind how the building works. This ensures our homes will last centuries instead of the couple decades a code built home is good for.

More Value. Higher quality homes that are recognized by a third party to be built as such have been proven to be appraised at higher values.

Less maintenance. Part durability, part material s selection; our homes require less maintenance. This saves you money, and allows you to enjoy your home… not work on it.

Third Party Accountability. Our homes all come with a third party certification by professionals that inspect homes during construction at a higher level than the local code officials. Code built homes are legal, but nothing more. Do you want a home that is barely legal or a true quality home?

Personal Satisfaction. People inherently are more proud of well designed homes that are perform at a higher level. That coupled with the health and money savings ensure you will love your Evolutionary Home.

Responsible. Building a home that reduces carbon emission, uses less chemicals, and sources environmentally preferable products is good for you, society, and the planet.