Quality Control Process

At Evolutionary Home Builders, we ensure a quality home through rigorous in-house and third party testing and inspections.  This testing and level of inspections goes well above and beyond code requirements.  Our goal is to build homes that last centuries, and not decades.  The only way to do this effectively is to put our homes through rigorous testing, like most products.   Buildings in general are the most complex products available on market, and typically are an owner’s biggest asset, so shouldn’t  they be tested as rigorously as other products people buy?

Owner Brandon Weiss is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst & Envelope Professional, among several other building science related certifications.  He has been trained to run blower door tests, and thermal imaging cameras to properly diagnose the performance of a home.  Our homes are tested throughout the building process to ensure our stipulated performance is being met before progressing to the next phase of construction.  We are constantly using our blower door, thermal imaging (infrared) cameras, smoke pencils, and  theatrical smoke machines to assure there are not gaps, cracks, and leaks pathways in your home.  We depressurize our homes (try to suck air in) while spraying the windows with water to ensure  windows are properly installed and will not leak even under pressure.

We have also developed customized checklists to ensure things get done properly throughout the process and things are not missed.

It is our dedication to quality, drive to provide a better home, and rigorous testing that  allow us to offer our clients a better warranty on their home.  We know we build a better home, and provide a warranty to back that up.

Beyond that, we have third party home performance analysts and raters that come through and rate our homes, and quality of installs.  They perform many of the same tests we have already done in house, but provide third party accountability. They also use third party checklists to inspect homes to a finer detail than local building codes dictate.  This process gives you the space of mind of knowing that our third party raters and performance experts also provide a third party certification for your home.  There are several certifications that we use to provide a quality assurance that your home  is built to a very high standard which will add value to the home when you are ready to sell.