Hiring a Builder

Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. When building your own home, you want to choose the right builder who will accomplish your plan with budget and on time. The hardest part is knowing what criteria to use when selecting a builder, the finding one who will do the best overall job. There are no federal requirements for training and licensing, and very few states have such standards. We hope this guide will make one of the biggest decisions of your life a little easier.

Why Hire A Certified Graduate builder Or Graduate Master Builder?

When you hire a Certified Graduate Builder (CGB), you can expect an experienced builder committed to delivering a quality product. Designations like th CGB and GMB are voluntarily earned and not required by law – they provide benchmarks of business achievement consumers can use to measure builders. Most conscientious builders belong to a local home builders association as well as National Association of Home Builders. They know the value of the professional development that organizations provide. Quality builders who have elected to earn their designations welcome the peer contact and learning opportunities afforded by trade shows and educational programs.

Find a CGB or GMB at www.nahb.org/designationsdirectory

What are CGB and GMB?

Certified Graduate Builder (GCB) and Graduate Master Builder are two designations by NAHB for builders. To earn on eof these designations, a builder must complete a regularly updated curriculum of industry-related topics. Canidates for these designations are also required to pledge their commitment to a professional Code of Ethics. These designations help consumers identify professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Their credentials demonstrate that business owners and senior management have undertaken continuing education courses in professional managment and continue to keep themselves informed on all trends and techniques in home building