BIhOMES is a term that Evolutionary Home Builders has come up with to symbolize what we see as the most advanced mix of green building certifications.

Evolutionary Home Builders sees the mix of Passive House Certification along with Living Building Challenge Certification as the greenest homes people can build in the world today.

Passive House roots these homes in a conservation first approach to construction that minimizes the need for mechanical heating and cooling systems, while offering the highest level of building science in the walls.  Passive House is very much a energy efficiency certification, and the worlds most stringent for a building envelope, but is also a building science and ventilation based certification.  The Passive House certification goes beyond energy and ensures your home is built to a high level of craftsmanship via its performance testing standards, and hygrothermal & THERM modeling requirements.  These steps dramatically decrease the chance of moisture issues through your walls and penetrations.

Living Building Challenge certification adds on all other elements of sustainability to achieve this highest level of overall sustainability.  For BiHOMES we have reduced the loads on how a home using Passive House to a point where the smallest possible solar PV (or renewable energy) can be added to get to a net positive, required by Living Building Challenge.  Net positive means your building will produce more energy than it uses.  Living Building Challenge also has strict requirements for building site location, water, health & happiness, materials, equity, and beauty.  There are 7 petals to get a project certified.  Within those 7 petals there are 20 imperatives that must be met in order to achieve full certification.  There is also a 12 month post occupancy commissioning period to verify the occupant is actually hitting all of the high levels of sustainability while the home is actually being lived in.  Living Building Challenge is setting the tone for what true sustainable building need to achieve, and pushes the envelope farther than any certification has so far.

Building to Passive House or Living Building Challenge standards alone is pushing the envelope, but when you combine  these two leading certifications into one project, it is definitely building one of the most well thought out buildings that has ever been built.  That is why we wanted to brand the combination of these two certifications into what we call our BIhOME series.

Biomes are climatically and geographically defined as contiguous areas with similar climatic conditions on the Earth, such as communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms.

Our BIhOMES series reduce carbon emissions, connect the built environment back to nature, and use the Living Building Challenge philosophy of “(transforming) how we think about every single act of design and construction as an opportunity to positively impact the greater community of life and the cultural fabric of our human communities.”*

Über Haus is our first project in our BIhome series.

  • *Living Building Challenge 3.0 : A visionary Path to a Regenerative Future