Evolutionary Home Builders is not only a leader in the Chicago region, but are also recognized nationally in a select group of builders that have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide truly quality homes.

When we say quality, we mean quality that is verified with independent third party testing to ensure our clients get exactly what they expect, that their biggest investment is their best investment.

An investment in our homes yields dividends of comfort, family health, low operational costs, and protection against obsolescence. You simply can’t afford to not build a home to our standards. You shouldn’t have to live in a home that is guaranteed to be out of date in less than 7 years, as is the case with most non-third-party certified homes being built by other companies today.

Our claims our verified by third parties to ensure you are getting a more durable, healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable home. EVERY home we build gets lab tested to verify our homes are as healthy as we claim.