Us. vs. The Competition

The true quality of a home lies deeper than what you see when you walk into a finished home. Although the finishes are the only sign you see in a finished home; the true quality starts deep within the wall, and performance is the definition of quality behind the walls. There are different types of performance behind those walls: insulation value, thermal bridges, air leaks, and moisture management. One way to see this performance is through an infrared camera (also known as a thermal imaging camera). These images show our homes versus other homes in the neighborhood, both brand new and old. The scale eon the right shows the temperature range in the pictures. The blue is cold and the red is warm. You can see weak points in the walls through this technology These photos were taken on the same morning of a cold winter day. You will see that the outdoor surface temps in our homes is colder than that of the others. This means that less warm air is escaping our home. You will also notice the lack of red spots except for that of our door and window frames which are much colder than that of the other homes. The other home s have colder window frames, and other hot spots of heat bleed, or energy and money escaping from your homes. These spots also can i indicate moisture risks within a wall. All of our homes are continuously tested in house with this type of equipment, and also tested throughout construction by third party raters assessing the quality of our homes. Granite countertops and fancy trim can;t hide what these type of performance testing measures can show.