Nationwide Building for High Performance and Healthy People

If you want a super healthy home that is energy independent, built to last centuries, and is built with a high level of environmental consciousness, Evolutionary Home Builders is your answer.  We have project managers that can travel across the country in order to build you a home to our high standards wherever you may want to call home.

Evolutionary Home Builders, LLC, is licensed in several states already, with more coming all the time.

With our national based construction, our services here cater towards professional athletes who will perform better living in an Evolutionary Home.  The health focused construction ensures more oxygen, fresh air, and negative ions in a home with reducing  toxic off gassing CO2, CO,  and other harmful allergens like mold.  We guarantee that your new Evolutionary Home Builders home will be healthier than your last.  When your body is your livelihood, and performance is your job; you need to live in an environment that gives you the best chance for success and longevity.  Homes built to our standards have been scientifically proven to make homeowners feel better, be more productive, wake up more rested, be sick less, reduce allergic reactions, reduce susceptibility of becoming allergic to something new,  and greatly reduce  the risk of chronic respiratory illness.

Our other reason for building nationwide is to cater to those that have health conditions and need a healthier home, or those sustainability and environmental activists that need a high level of sustainability to complete and convey their mission for a healthier planet and healthier people.

Evolutionary Home Builders are licensed builders in the states of Wisconsin and Florida.  We also are working on our license for Michigan.

In our home state of Illinois, builders are not required to hold a state license.   That is the main reason, we have looked for continuing education and certifications at a national level.  We are nationally recognized through our affiliations and certifications as a high quality home builder with deep understanding of building science, quality construction, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and construction office management.