Evolutionary Home Builders donates 5% of its new home profits to a land conservation project to buy up large tracts of biologically diverse land in order to protect natural habitats.  Evolutionary Home Builders realizes the need to keep native habitats and species intact in their natural environment.  With green building we can minimize our impact on these areas, but no matter the development practices, there are always environmental impacts.  With the environment in mind, and making sure we do all we can do to keep as many biological diverse ecosystems in this planet as possible, we set aside a portion of all of our profits to help the cause.  That is how passionate we are about our environmental responsibility.The BAMA Green Project logo

Evolutionary Home Builders has also donated time to the Bama Green Project.  We have volunteered to help sell alternative energy credits to offset carbon emissions. We have also helped to educate people in their Eco-Village about living a green lifestyle, and what they can do to help the environment.

Evolutionary Home Builders also sponsored a group and gathering for the International Day of Climate Action on October 24, 2009.  On this day groups around the world were organized to take pictures using “350” creatively in front of monuments, world heritage sites, and recognizable natural features.  The point of this was to point out to world leaders who gather in Copenhagen in December 2009, that people around the world will come together to try and decrease the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.  The goal is 350 parts per million which is viewed as the safe limit for humanity, and currently we are at 390 ppm.  People in 181 countries all took pictures and sent them in to www.350.org to show that the world can come together for a common cause, and now its time for a global treaty to be signed by all nations to create a new sense of urgency.  Our group took a picture in Millennium Park in Chicago and made it into the main picture on their homepage.

screenshot of 350.org's homepage